Refined Submission

We managed to import all the sounds into the game. There may have been one or two sounds we could have added, but we're satisfied with the ones we did manage to get in. Leo L. was the one in charge of the sounds, and we think he did a great job.

All the art has been imported in, so everything should be fully sprited. The only thing we missed was some intro slide assets to help convey the story a bit more, but overall we're satisfied with what we've accomplished. Bojian Liu was the one in charge of art assets, and he did a wonderful job creating the art and developing a style for the game.

The gameplay has been improved and refined, with changes to the layout of the level, along with a number of bug fixes to smooth out the controls. The only thing we regret is not being able to have more guns to play with, but we're satisfied with the work we accomplished. Brendan Dolata was in charge of programming the game, and he has done a fantastic job working hard to ensure that all the gameplay elements work as closely to my design as possible.

We've reached the end of the schedule, and we managed to accomplish almost all of the objectives I've laid out in the Trello. The only thing to complain about is that we didn't always update our progress on time on the Trello, but other than that I'm very satisfied with the cooperation and communication of my team members. I'm Scott Summers, and I was the producer/designer of the game. My team mates feel that I did a great job communication my thoughts and how we should improve on feedback.

The only outside source we really used was the shark clip art, which we got here:

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Feb 05, 2018

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